CWB New Leaflet page 15

At InInTown, what parents say about us means a lot. See some of the great experience our parents have had with us.

''My son loves the teachers! He doesn't want to leave the center everytime I pick him up!” 

Andrew (K3), Mr. Law


“My son doesn't like English before. Now he will try to read English books and watch Spiderman in English. Thanks to all the teachers at InInTown!!''

Geoff (K3), Ms. Leung


“We enrolled our son in InInTown centre when he was K2. We tried almost 6 learning centers before we started with InInTown.  He cried every time he went to English classes before. The InInTown teachers are very patient and use differents props and interactive activties to help my son get used to the class. My son was afraid to speak English before, but now he is top in school and I don't have to worry much about his dictation. 

Hinson (P1), Mr. Cheung


“My daughter has attended InInTown for 4 years. My family appreciates the teachers at InInTown for the way they have cared for my daughter and whatsapp her progress from time to time. She can easily get good marks in English exams and dictations without much studying”

Jenni (P2), Ms. Choy


“We chose to put our daughter at InInTown because we have heard so many great things about the program and teachers from our friends. The teachers are very knowledgeable, loving and patient. Our daughter loves going there.”

Connie (P3), Ms. Chan


“My son doesn't like writing before. Now he always come home doing InInTown homework in his room. I asked him what he was doing and he said he's writing a funny mysterious adventure for the teacher. I don't have to push him to write anymore. Thanks, InInTown teachers! ”

Hayden (P5), Ms. Tang


“Thanks InInTown teachers! My son is top 1 in English in his grade again!”

Josh (P5), Ms. Lam